Grade 1

 Grade 1


ABC’s with ACE & Christi

We, at Kingsley Private, make use of the ABC's with ACE & Christi - Learning To Read program:

The ABC’s Reading Readiness Test is administered to students who have never been in school or who do not yet know how to read. Children who score at least 80% on the test are generally ready to begin learning to read. These students can begin the ABC’s with ACE and Christi Learning-to-Read program. (Most children below the age of 5 are not physically ready to learn the skills involved in reading and may benefit more from the Kindergarten with ACE and Christi program.)


This multi-sensory, phonetic, learning-to-read program is designed to prepare a child for the individualized instruction of the PACE curriculum. Within a period of 12 to 15 weeks, your child will learn to read by becoming acquainted with cartoon animals, songs, and stories. These features
help him learn letter sounds, alphabet sequence, and word relationships. Your child is helped in his physical and character development through poems, displays, and various physical activities.




Upon completion of the ABC’s of ACE Learning-to-Read Program, the student is administered the ABC’s Post Test. If he scores 100% he continues with the balance of the first grade program:

Math 4-12
English 1-12
Social Studies 1-12
Science 1-12

English is a continuation of the phonetic and writing skills. The Social Studies and Science PACEs are readers with Reading Development Skills integrated into the PACEs.




In this level the student learns...

*   Numbers in symbol and name from zero to ten;
*   Counting from zero to one hundred;
*   Simple addition and subtraction;

The first three PACEs of this level are completed in conjunction with the ABCs Learning-To-Read program.  The student is introduced to...

*   The number line;
*   Measurement of time, temperature and liquids;




The first-grade English material reviews consonant and vowel sounds and introduces reading and writing of word families and
sentences. As the child develops reading comprehension skills, he finds satisfaction and success in reading, writing, and spelling.




Grade 1 builds reading skills while introducing young students to the basic principles of life. Students learn to recognize and are challenged
and motivated to do what is right. They also learn to be kind, to share, and to be obedient to rules and laws. This grade requires reading
character building stories and answering questions.




This science course material builds reading skills as it presents the young student with the facts of Creation as presented in the Bible.
He learns about the human body as well as concepts of health care and hygiene.  Visualized vocabulary is used to increase reading level and




This course provides activities that accompany the ABCs with Ace and Christi Learning-To-Read Program. These PACEs provide the foundational phonetic skills needed for reading and writing mastery. Your child will learn 35 letter sounds and 11 additional blends and diphthongs that are basic to all reading. (Used with ABC’s with ACE and Christi)




In Grade 1 a specific feature of the ABCs with Ace and Christi learning-to-read program is the character-building Bible stories.
Bible Reading Grade 1 PACEs feature vividly colored pictures to be used in conjunction with these Bible stories. A variety of
activities give attention to development of the small motor muscles, eye-hand coordination, and visual discrimination.