Enrolling a Student

The steps taken to enroll a new student at Kingsley Private:

 Interview with parents;

  1.  Interview with student;                                                                            
  2.  Fill out a Student Application form;
  3.  Genetic Profile Evaluation of student;
  4.  Diagnostic Evaluation in Math, English and Afrikaans;
  5.  Determine learning gaps;
  6.  Determine starting level and starting Pace;
  7.  FET student:  Complete an Academic Projection;
  8.  Order Paces;
  9.  Conduct a second interview with parents.
  10.  Assign an Academic Advisor;
  11.  Request the student’s transcript from his/her previous school;
  12.  Open a Personal File;
  13.  Assign a student office;
Click below for the Application Form


Application Forms