Kingsley Private makes use of 2 very important systems:




    Kingsley Private uses Accelerated Christian Education System (ACE), a comprehensive educational system, driven by dedicated Educators    

    who motivate and support parents in their quest to help their children reach their maximum potential in school and in life.  The ACE program

    utilises results-driven processes rather than conventionally applied time-focussed education curricula.  At Kingsley we determine each

    student’s Unique Learning Profile (genetic) with God-given abilities and talents and has developed a learning approach that accommodates

    learners’ individual capabilities.


    The curriculum makes it possible for the learner, to achieve their full academic potential. This is the foundation upon which future learning is


    From preschool to grade 12, each learner discovers how to:


    •  Set goals and meet deadlines

    •  Develop critical-thinking skills

    •  Think creatively and independently


    The ACE program covers the critical outcomes and minimum standards of the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) as prescribed by the

    Department of Education in South Africa. This includes Learner and Teacher Support Materials (LTSM’s).




      To provide relevant individualized quality curriculum materials from pre primary to grade 12 levels enabling schools to provide academic  

      excellence and produce Godly character in students.


1.2  VISION:


      Reaching the world for Christ, one child at a time.




      Individualised Learning


      Each student works at his/her own pace according to his/her ability.  We provide the bit-sized, manageable, achievable ACE curriculum 



      These work texts, called PACEs, include self-instructional lessons and activities. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. Learners

      begin a PACE by noting the goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse and a corresponding character trait.  From the beginning of

      each PACE, the learners know what is expected and assumes the responsibility for their own learning. Explanations and full colour

      illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the text material.


      Bible Based Material


      Our program does not focus on dagma, it accentuates moral values and Biblical principles in the life of each learner. Character traits such as

      honesty, kindness and loyalty are taught within the learner and teacher support materials.  This Biblical character-training prepares the     

      learner to deal with the joys and challenges of everyday life. 


    Transforming minds, one child at a time! 




 2.1  MISSION:


      To make sure that each KP student gets assisted in the ultimate functioning in the area of studies by means of equipping the student with a

      specially developed” Plan of Study” worked out according to,  and complimenting his/her Unique Learning Profile.  


      Feelings of insecurity on the student’s side will be removed and replaced by:

      •  A total feeling of security;

      •  A definite purpose;

      •  A purposeful  plan of action;  

      •  Results (marks) that corresponds with the  input (study);


2.2  VISION:


      The vision is to establish successful Brain Clinics nationwide, in order to be able to equip students with scientific learning systems that

      compliments their Unique Learning Profiles and teaches them which methods to use and which methods NOT to use.




       Step 1:


      • Evaluate the student.  (±1 hour)

      • Determine the Unique Learning Profile of each student.  

      • Give feedback to the parents.  (±1 hour)

      • Enroll student at Kingsley Private School 


      Step 2:


      • Provide each student with a ‘Plan of Study’ according to the Unique Learning Profile, determined in Step 1.  These Scientific Learning

        Systems have been worked out, tested over a 10 year period a proofed to work.  It is supplied in a manual  to the student during

        Workshop 1


      • Teaching the student how to use these systems during individual and group sessions at school.






      • The brain works

      • The memory functions

      • Advanced memory techniques work

      • His/her eyes work in the learning process

      • His/her blockages affect their studies negatively.

      • His/her brain dominances can determine what study methods to use and what study methods to rather avoid.

      • The various study methods work for the various study methods.

      • To improve his/her concentration

      • To improve memorization skills

      • Important it is to stay motivated and positive.

      • Important it is to know what you want out of life, what his/her purpose is in life-GOALSETTING-because only then his/her life will have

        purpose. He/she would be able to wake-up in the morning with enthusiasm, excited to complete his/her goals set out for that day.