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In the conventional system of South Africa, learners progress through school on the basis of chronological age. The class progresses at the pace and instruction of the teacher.  Gifted students grow frustrated while waiting for the rest of the class.  Slower students develop gaps in their learning as they are forced to move on before understanding some work.  This makes them feel academically incapable, not able to succeed and frustrated.  Most of these students develop very negative self-images.  You can never achieve above the boundaries we set in our own minds. 

At Kingsley Private, a new incoming student does not start in the grade which his chronological age indicates. Instead, he takes a diagnostic test, which determines what his actual performance level is. He also undergoes a Genetic Profile Evaluation where we determine his Unique Learning Profile (ULP).  


Once this is known, an individually tailor-made set of programs are created:


1.  A scientific learning system program that suit his ULP;

2.  A Study program that teaches him how to study and how not to study according to his ULP (;

3.  A curriculum program where previous gaps are sorted out first,  where no learner is held back and less able learners can learn at a rate

     appropriate to their needs.

The student progresses at his own pace, receiving loving individualized attention from his Supervisor, while being taught to set his own realistic, achievable goals for each day. He will  only move on to the next PACE when he has mastered the current material.

In this way, the student is taught to take pride, ownership and responsibility for his work. He also grows in self-esteem and confidence as he sees himself reaching his full potential.