A Word From the Principal  


We at Kingsley aim to change Stressful Study into Successful Study! 

The Bible clearly states:                                                             


Train up a child in the way he should go;  and when he is old, he will  

not depart from it  (Proverbs 22:6);

 Major changes have taken place in the education arena as the demands of the marketplace change almost daily. Consequently Brain Clinic has recently expanded our field of specialization, now offering a Private Biblical based School for students who require individualized attention.
 The mission of this Private School is to not only determine each learner’s Unique Learning Profile and teach Scientific Learning Systems accordingly, but also provide a unique comprehensive educational system that is driven by dedicated individuals who motivate and support parents in their quest to help their children to reach their maximum potential in school and in life.

Our futuristic thinking prepares our youth for the demands and expectations society places on them.  We recognize that each learner has a Unique Learning Profile with God-given abilities and talents.  We have developed a well researched learning system and adopted a learning approach that accommodates learner’s individual capabilities.

From preschool to Grade 12, each learner is taught to set goals and meet deadlines just like in real life.  We also develop their critical-thinking and help them to think creatively and independently.  We focus on WISDOM as a critical part of the learning process.   To be successful, the learner must learn not only how to make a living, but also how to live a fulfilling, balanced and complete life.

We provide mastery-based learning, critical analysis, conceptualisation, cognitive reasoning and life skills from a practical perspective by providing each learner with his/her private “office” learning area, where he/she can work with one-on-one individualised learning assistance.  We teach them the correct, most time effective way of study according to their own Unique Learning Profiles during Study Method workshops held at School.

Each new learner goes through a set of evaluations.  We begin with a profile analysis, determining the learner’s Unique Learning Profile.  We then determine the level and gaps (if any) of the learner in Math, English, Afrikaans and Science.  These gaps need to be sorted out before a learner can advance in that subject.  The learner must be on a LEVEL where he/she can perform.

We all know  that READING is one of the most important skills a student should master at school.  In the first term of Grade 1 we complete an amazing Reading Program with our students and by the end of Grade 1 more than 90% of our students can read fluently.  

We at Kingsley accentuate lateral thinking and learning.  Our students need to learn to think OUTSIDE THE “BOX”.  They spend hours at school, learning BUT the question I want to ask you today.  Does your child really know HOW to learn.  

What is life really about? Is it to always be busy with studies and to have no time whatsoever for the important things in life like: family, friends, fun , relaxation, and to enjoy life?


Is it to be highly effective in your studies, have a definite direction in life, to achieve your goals, meet your full potential and still have time for family, friends, fun, relaxation, and to fully enjoy your life!!!  At Kingsley we help our  students to  achieve this.

God bless!

A Word for the day

DESTINY is God's WILL for our lives!

School times are as follows:

Mondays & Thursdays
08:00 - 13:00 (GR1)
08:00 - 14:00 (Sports)

Tuesdays & Wednesdays
08:00 - 13:00 (GR1)
08:00 - 13:30 (Juniors)
08:00 - 14:00 (Seniors)

08:00 - 13:00

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