Kingsley Private uses All-in-One Education brain profiling to establish the correct learning technique for each individual child to enhance their learning potential in any of our provided courses. This improves the effectiveness of studying and ensures the best possible chance of understanding the work curriculum.



Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) is a unique education system that offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace while being guided by excellent, Biblically-based learning materials. The A.C.E. programme was developed to offer parents and students a high-quality, Christian alternative to the conventional schooling system.


The General Education Development® exam is made up of 4 subjects, broken into separate exams: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. You don’t have to take all 4 exams at once -- you can space them out and go at your own pace. This also relieves stress and increases pass rates.


IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a two-year programme leading to externally set, marked and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge. Any student who takes an IGCSE subject will be gaining a qualification that is recognised globally.


Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, Christian home school curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. With animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia, Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect Christian home school curriculum for today's generation with individual needs.



Kingsley Private School, nestled in the heart of George. Starting as a humble school with small beginnings to a school that proudly teaches 78 students from grade 1 to grade 12. Kingsley Private School was established in 2007 by Annelize Van Tonder, a woman with a passion for children and Christian Education. It is centrally situated and aims to give our students a well-balanced education. At Kingsley Private School we recognize that each student is a unique individual who must be educated in his / her totality in order to reach optimum potential.